Inside the Classroom

Samples of Student Work
"Sweded Films" Introduction to Film (ENG 280)

In this project, students were asked to "Swede," or create a short 10-minute version of one of the films we watched in class. The purpose of this project is twofold: (1) it asks students to distill the script of a film into its most basic elements, and (2) it asks the student to put into use all of the techniques of pre-production, production, and post-production that they learned throughout the semester.

"Trailer Genre re-cuts" Introduction to Film (ENG 280)

In this project, students were asked to use their editing skills to re-imagine a film from our class in a new genre. In the above example, the superhero action film V for Vendetta (2005) is re-cut as a horror film with our hero V imagined as a serial killer. The purpose of this project was to ask students to consider what makes a genre film-- and how those genre conventions play out in the marketing of a movie.

"Citizenship Documentary" Introduction to Composition and Communication (WRD 111)

In this project, students are asked to consider themselves as citizens in a larger campus community. Students select a group on campus that they would like to know more about, and then spend the rest of the semester learning and producing a documentary film about their chosen group. The purpose of this project is to force students outside their small social bubbles and ask them to understand how their fellow students and citizens create their own world. On top of this, students are responsible for every aspect of film production-- from scripting and story-boarding to filming and post-production.