• Owen R. Horton

Teaching Demo: Large Lecture Hall

This is a teaching demonstration I compiled for a job search.

Assumptions about the classroom: 1. Class contains 350 students and 25 TAs. 2. We are midway through the semester, at least far enough in to have covered Mise-en-scene and Cinematography. 3. Students have already read the chapter on editing, supported by my website. 4. Each TA runs a Facebook group with their 12-14 students. Students are required to submit questions before class and during class. 5. TAs consolidate these questions for me so I can respond to the most popular or important concerns. 6. We are covering editing in general, but I’m most focused on helping them understand continuity and discontinuity editing. 7. Although the questions are scripted, they are all taken from actual questions students have asked in the past.

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